Loboda will soon become a mother for the second time media

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35-year-old Ukrainian singer Loboda pregnant 55-year-old frontman of the German band Rammstein, till Lindemann. It is reported by the Super in the video, razmeshannoy his page in Instagram.

* Svetlana Loboda @lobodaofficial’s baby soloist of the Rammstein Singer Svetlana Loboda will become a mother for the second time — she is now in her seventh month of pregnancy. Portal SUPER managed to find out that the father of the future baby is the world famous leader of the cult group Rammstein till Lindemann. Their close relationship is already written in the media in July last year, when Lindemann actively courting Svetlana at a music festival “HEAT” in Baku. At parties they sat together and musician, do not hesitate cameras, kissed and hugged the Russian star. As it turned out, a light summer flirting continued — after a trip to Baku Svetlana and till continued to meet, but in secret from everyone. And lately the most meticulous fans have noticed changes in the appearance Loboda — its rounded shape. From SUPER reliable sources it became known that the child must be born at the end of may this year, and to give birth Loboda decided in Los Angeles where soon dispatched to tranquility and serenity, to spend the remaining months of pregnancy. By the way, all the hints at a close relationship with German musician artist in conversations with journalists denied. Svitlana Loboda, last year became the “Singer of the year” and absolute record holder in all kinds of musical awards in Russia, is now 35 years old, she already has a daughter, 6-year-old Eva. To the till Lindemann — 57, three times he was married and has two adult daughters. His last affair with German actress Sophia Tomalley over the break. Now till she is officially free, but after this sensational news, the privacy of the couple will undoubtedly attracted the attention of media around the world.

Publication of Super (@super.ru) Mar 4, 2018 at 9:14 PST

The singer is allegedly seven months pregnant.

Personal acquaintance Loboda and Lindemann occurred in the summer of 2017 in Goa, the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, at the festival of Heat.

9 APR 2018 Loboda daughter will be seven years. The baby’s father, choreographer Andrew King, with whom the singer separated in 2014.

Lindemann is also divorced. He has 2 daughters, Nele and Marie Louise. In 2007, the eldest daughter gave birth to the musician’s grandson, Fritz Fidel