The project partner, Carlsberg, is a report on the match between Liverpool and Aston Villa. In the match 33-th round of the championship of England Liverpool defeated Aston Villa.

The match took place at Anfield and ended with the score 2:0 in favor of Liverpool.

This match was not for the wards Klopp tournament value, as the team has already secured the title. Despite this, the coaching staff, “red” put the game against Aston Villa best team.

The first Liverpool attack ended with the fall of Mohamed Salah in the penalty opponent. The Egyptians burst into the possession Reina, but in the struggle with the defender lost the ball and fell to the turf. The referee decided to ignore this point and continue the game.

“Villeins” replied three minutes later, Anwar El Ghazi made a dangerous pass into the penalty area, but the protection of the home team played brilliantly and instantly knocked the ball.

Liverpool tried to open an account with casts in the far forwards. First Fabinho sent a long ball to Salah, notaros forward to never made it. And then you got your chance and Sadio mane, which after a pass went one on one with the goalkeeper. Pepe Reina still ahead of the Senegalese and took the ball.

On the 20th minute the referee gave a yellow card Andrew Robertson. The Scot performed a sliding tackle on the right wing and knocked down Douglas Louis.

In the middle half of the game is a bit quiet. The teams exchanged offsides, but the really dangerous attacks and not followed. The first shot was done only on 32 minutes. Douglas Luiz shot from the right corner kick, but Alisson’s in a cool hop got the ball.
Liverpool said later. In the 37th minute Salah on the volley shot after a pass from the right flank. However, the ball fell to his feet and galloped straight into the hands of the Rhine.

In the second half of the match, Klopp’s team started playing much more actively. In the “red” it put pressure on the opponent and control the game. But with the end of attacks the Reds still had problems. It seemed that the hosts didn’t have enough a good “last pass”.

But on 71 minutes, Liverpool still put the squeeze on the opponent. Nabi Keita, being in the penalty, moved the ball to the Manet. Sadio we decided not to linger and struck a precise shot on goal, sending the ball from the crossbar straight into the net.

A few minutes later, Liverpool could have scored a second. The house was picked up Salah for the shirt, but the referee refused to award a penalty kick. Almost immediately after that got your chance Roberto Firmino. Bobby played a one-two pass with Salah, and then shot from fifteen meters. The guests were only saved by a confident performance from Pepe Reina.

But Liverpool still doubled their advantage. Tried 19-year-old Curtis Jones, substitute. The young midfielder burst into the penalty area, received a pass and sent the ball straight into the far corner, Reina.

2:0 – Jurgen Klopp gang “on the class” beat Aston Villa. In the next match Liverpool will meet Brighton.

After the match, Liverpool scored 89 points. Separation from Idaho second Manchester city is 23 points. Aston Villa is on the 18-th place (27 points).


Liverpool vpevneno peremig Aston Vlla on Infld

Partner of the project, Carlsberg, predstavlyayut s zvit about the match mizh Lverpool I Aston Wllow.

Have match the 33rd round of the championship Englandiï Liverpool zdorov Peremoga over Aston Wllow. Podenok scho vdbase on stadon Infld, zavershilsya s rahunkom 2:0 on’na koryst mersiades.

This match is not MAV for pdopa Klopp turnmore znachennya, osliki team vzhe have subespecie sobi champanski title. Although C, trenerski headquarters “cervone” vistavu on GRU z Aston Wllow Nicolini warehouse.

The first attack Liverpoola zavershilsya padnem Mohamed Salah in strarry of supernice. Egiptjanin UAVs to volumn Rainey, ale borotin iz zapisnikom utrativ m I ball after falling to the turf. Refer Virchow prognozuoti this time I produziti GRU.

“Villani” vdovii three guilini Anwar El Gas zrobiv nebezpecny news to STRATO, nevertheless the zahisnikov gospodaru field zhrali blackace I mitto guys broke down m Yach.

Liverpool sprobuvav vgcreate account for DOPOMOGA navs on their forwards. Spochatku Fabio VDPAU Dovga the transfer of Salah, but the ball to the striker so I don’t dstvsa. And potim svy chance trimas I Sadio mane, that after news vihodim one-on-one W Golkar guests. Pepe Reina all are piperidin Senegalese I m taking the ball.

On the 20th Guilin arbtr podenco “pile up” joutou the card Andrew Robertson. Shotlandets wicona pdcat on the right plans I sbiw s ng Douglas Lusa.

In seredyn half Gras troch suspicous. Team obmenyalis the offsides, the prot in spavinaw nebezpechnih attacks not Bulo. The first shot on target Bulo Saldana lachey on the 32nd Guilin. Douglas Los breaking s right Kut a free-kick, but Also in classname strebko DSTV Tsey m Yach.

Liverpool VDPAU troch later. In the 37th Guilin Salah sloto breaking after zasidannya s right flank. However, m cells in which svalilsya s Yogo legs I priscacara in the hands Rain.

At other Polovin ustrc team Klopp pocha grati nabagato actiune. “Red” Vdala prelingually of supernice I controlului HD Gris. Ale iz sovershennym attacks mersiades, as I as, Mali problems. Sdavalsa scho the owners field is not viscacha udalogo “ostannyoho Pasu”.

Ale in the 71st Guilin Liverpool all are dothisnow of supernice. Nab Keita, terebovychi from the penalty, periv m ball on Manet. Sadio Virchow not baritone I Savda exact blow in gate, sending m ball od peperocini right in STCW.

After a couple minutes Liverpool mg of sabiti other. House shopif Salah for a t-shirt, ale cuddya Vdovina of staviti penalt. Practical vdras after tsogo svy chance ottima Roberto Frmne. Bob obsreve in pas s Salah, after chogo breaking s meters n atacati. Guests uratowali tilki vpevnena Gras at vikonanni Pepe Rainey.

Ale mersiades all are podwal his Periago. Postaralsya 19-rcni Karts Jones, that viyshov on samo. Molodi midfielder UAVs to STRATO area trimas pass I m sending the ball directly into the far Kut wort Rainey.

2: 0 – Jurgen Klopp gang “on class” Obre Aston Vlla. Have nastupnogo podenco mersiades soustrot s Brighton.

After tsogo match Liverpool typing 89 point. VDRIVE from Manchester Siti sklada 23 Bali. Aston Villa rastsveta 18-th f (27 punktv)

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