The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” is on a par with cyber-attacks and military activity of Russia, said the speakers of parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. They are urged to hinder its construction.

Pipe of the pipeline “Nord stream”. Photo:

The speakers of the parliaments of Lithuania, Latvia and Poland on Sunday, March 11, signed a joint statement, warning colleagues from other EU countries from participation in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

“This project is submitted as commercial, however, without a doubt, it is a political tool, which will increase dependence of the European Union from one source of energy from Russia”, — stated in the document, excerpts of which are published on the website of the Lithuanian Parliament .

“Nord stream-2″ should be considered in the broader context of hostile actions in cyberspace and its military activity,” the parliamentarians, stating that the real reason for this “political solution” is the termination of gas transit through the territory of Ukraine.

German MPs oppose the pipeline

In February seven members of the German Bundestag and the European Parliament representing the Christian democratic Union (CDU), Christian social Union (CSU), the greens and the Free democratic party (FDP) opposed construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2”.

According to the authors, the EU policy in the field of energy and solidarity with the partners say against the construction of the second phase of a gas pipeline from Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The implementation of this project, the document says, will “split the EU and loss of confidence.”

Ust-Luga — Greifswald

The Russian monopolist “Gazprom” intends to start construction of the second branch of the pipeline in 2018, and complete it by the end of 2019. The length of the “Nord stream-2” with capacity of 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year shall be 1220 km, it will connect the Russian Ust-Luga and German Greifswald.

Berlin considers the pipeline solely as an economic project. At a recent meeting with the Prime Minister of Poland, German Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated that the construction of “Nord stream-2” does not compromise the diversification of gas supply in Europe.