The founder of the famous “Solidarity” trade Union and the first President of post-Communist Poland Lech Walesa put forward to the Ukrainian Director Oleg Sentsov for the Nobel peace prize. It is stated in the statement, Walesa published on the website of the Polish film Academy on Tuesday, August 28.

Lech Walesa. Photo: Reuters

“I am deeply convinced that… Sentsov represents all those ideals that had inspired me during the peaceful struggle for the global future,” wrote the ex-President of Poland .

In his statement, Walesa said that Sentsov supported the Euromaidan in Ukraine “as part of democratic Europe” and “peacefully protested against Russia’s annexation of their native Crimea.” Human rights organization Amnesty International has recognized the unjust sentence Sentsov, the prosecution’s key witness recanted his testimony, saying that they are given under torture, reminded the ex-President of Poland.

After the hunger strike lasts longer than 100 days

The Ukrainian Director of a hunger strike for over 100 days, demanding the release of all political prisoners in Russia and without asking for their freedom, said Walesa, who as a Nobel peace prize winner has the right to nominate to receive this award.

Oleg Sentsov in August 2015, was sentenced to 20 years in prison on charges of preparing attacks in the Crimea. Since may 14 he has been on hunger strike in a Russian prison. With calls to release Sentsov to the Russian authorities had requested the leaders of many countries, as well as famous movie Directors and writers.