Photo: Express and Star the Vehicle was destroyed after 4 hours after, taken with STO

The car belonged to 22-year-old British entrepreneur Varnish ser. He spent a HUNDRED for two months.

Lamborghini, owned by 22-year-old British entrepreneur Varnish ser, burned after service of the dealer, which cost its owner $14 thousand. Burned car four hours later after he left one HUNDRED. This writes the Express and Star.

The owner was driving with his girlfriend, when he felt in the cabin smell of gasoline. When the smell became unbearable, went to paint to see what’s going on under the hood. Opening the lid, he found in the engine compartment fire.

The owner of the car said in an interview that he intends to sue the dealer that serviced it a supercar.

“We almost died. I shudder to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t stopped. I am now very scared, and my girlfriend now refuses to ride with me on any other machine,” said the Briton.

The media also published pictures of the car, which was almost completely destroyed by fire.

Earlier it was reported that the company Ferrari unveiled its new supercar F8 Tributo, which can accelerate to 340 km / h.

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