1. The Verkhovna Rada has included in the Constitution of Ukraine on course for membership in the EU and NATO. Of the Basic law was withdrawn a norm on a military base in Sevastopol. For the corresponding bill No. 9037 today voted 334 deputies. After Putin all “beat”

2. “The worse the situation in the Crimean economy, the greater the increase it shows in the reports of local officials. Most revealing in this case is agriculture. Statistical registry help at least on paper, to demonstrate “successes” of the Russian policy on the Peninsula. If in industry and construction, even where it is possible to find points of growth due to the execution of defense orders or production of construction materials for trails “Tavrida” in the agricultural sector remains only to draw phony numbers. But, as they say, can not eat”.

Novosteel it were not for Ukraine, it would have to come up with

3. To help bridge Kerch ferry resumed regular work. The occupants reported that, in addition to passengers and cars, will transport dangerous goods, “as well as military personnel accompanying trains of military equipment.” Residents of Kerch commented: “PPC. Again, all trample past the houses. Armless, built bridges, and what’s the point?”, “Well, nah… goat accordion?!”, “It seems that the bridge is living its last days”, “Booyah!!! Coincidence? I don’t think”, “This is so you do not run it in emergency mode. If… if Shaw suddenly”, “You don’t ask such questions aloud, and then attach 205.2 of the criminal code. Anyone with a brain, and so it is clear why the crossing is not closed”, “Yes, now the new 37”, “Scribe crept up unnoticed”

4. The shelves are empty in Yalta. “From cow Korenovki” (dairy products), which was conditionally edible, disappeared altogether. That’s what makes the life-giving bridge!

5. Crimean village Kholodivka in Sudak region for the last six months systematically shaken by powerful explosions. In the midst of a pit “Holodovsky-1”, where the occupants mined the gravel for the track “Tavrida”. Housing Kholodovka literally bursting at the seams. People say, “We climbed, but it was not enough. We were told: shut up, this is not your area, it all has to do with the bandits of St. Petersburg, and St. Petersburg to fight very hard.” Such ulcerative quarries in the Crimea is now a lot

Novostius pochine utilzation rosiyan

6. Fire tankers Maestro and Candy off the coast of the Crimea has intensified. The liquefied gas is gradually emerging from the vessel’s compartments and support combustion, which launched on January 21

7. Quilted jackets in Yalta believe that it is time to sound the alarm, and the long-awaited Russian medicine to kill: “SOS. SOS. Where to write a complaint to our Livadia hospital??? People, do not stay indifferent, you can get there anyone can! God forbid not to get there, you’re in an emergency warning that there is no space!!! And when it comes, in all ways (sit on a chair and so on) are trying to take from you refusal of admission!!!! Intimidate tuberculosis. More is better. Attitude like cattle!!! Nowhere in all of Russia there is no such relationship in hospitals, as we do in Yalta!!!!!! From patients trying to rid of it, they are a burden to them!!!! Advise, where to write, or TV there call????? Long pair to sound the alarm!!!!!”

8. It seems that the residents of Kerch were able to fend off one come in large numbers, which today said: “we Plan to move to your town temporarily, as the circumstances that the husband works here in Kerch. And two years live separately, see each other rarely, 2-3 times. The child sees the father. Decided to move, but after numerous hostile reviews changed my mind. So don’t worry, it’s better to stay home”. Answers: “Credit to the commentators)))”, “People from unemployment so that jobs will posnimat visitors”, “This is how much brains you need to keep in mind that the comments of strangers on the Internet to deprive a child of the father, and himself the husband and the family generally”, “No more (brains) than to ask in a group about the city, which has long been her husband works”, “someone changed his mind. And it’s usually the first move and then complain”, “according to the statistics, most have come to Sevastopol. The population is 450 thousand (and that’s without the military), when in Simferopol only 340 thousand”

Novotiral wonders in the land of fools

9. Sevastopol vatnitsa suddenly found out that Russia is still part of Georgia is occupied, “somebody went with the Crimean Russian passports in Abkhazia? Passed without any problems?”, “Went without problems, Only then do not plan trips to Georgia. Visited Abkhazia by Russia will not be allowed into the country.” “Oh, thanks, I didn’t know. And in Georgia because the entry in foreign, you still learn?”. Please note that even when traveling to Abkhazia fleece not sure of the legitimacy of the Crimea issued in ausvays, so you have to ask on the forums

10. When meeting, always begin with a “punch” to an old friend — he is a zombie or not (asking questions, looking at his reaction). Only then start talking…

P. S. I will End today’s edition with the words of a resident of Sebastopol. “On the Crimean forums main bickering is happening around the two questions: before the occupation was better or worse… I Wonder if Hitler had won, destroying millions, but it provided life in the occupied territories at the level of Germany, these debaters his actions also would support? What’s the difference, I started to live in the Crimea from the economic point of view?! When your land comes the army of a foreign state, that state automatically becomes illegitimate and hostile! Although how to explain this to people who to this day idolize Stalin. And this maniac even the level of life raised, and just kill, kill, kill. However, as Putin”.

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