“Kremlin report” shall submit to the Congress not later than 29 January

Photo: EPA

“Kremlin report” can to be published with delay and contain a classified Annex. On 29 January, reported “Voice of America” with reference to sources in government institutions.

On the list close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, officials and businessmen and a rationale for the expansion of economic sanctions against the Kremlin worked with the U.S. Treasury Department in cooperation with the State Department and US intelligence agencies.

Documents should be submitted to Congress not later than January 29.

The mechanism of public disclosure is likely to be different from cases when the US authorities introduced restrictive measures against Russia. In the past, sanctions are always published on the website of the U.S. Treasury. This time, the Ministry should transfer the documents to the relevant committees of both houses of Congress (on international Affairs, Finance, etc.), says the publication.

The publication notes that the Congress will decide what to do with the materials, immediately to publish, to present at special events or to pass partially in the media.

This report, as required by the law “On counteraction to enemies of America by sanctions” on introduction of restrictive measures against Iran, Russia and North Korea, which in August 2017 was signed by the President of the United States Donald trump.

12 January 2018, the newspaper “Kommersant” reported with reference to sources in Washington that the “Kremlin report” will include about 50 close to Putin senior officials and businessmen, along with members of their families, the list can expand up to 300 people.

One of the authors of recommendations on drawing up the sanctions list, a senior researcher at the Atlantic Council, economic analyst Anders Aslund has argued that the restrictive measures will affect the seven categories that are close to the President of the Russian businessmen and officials.

Western countries several times extended and tightened sanctions against Russia.