The airline has planned large-scale layoffs

The airline plans to further reduce staff due to the high level of uncertainty due to the pandemic.

Dutch airline KLM will cut 5,000 jobs due to the scale of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus. The decision was announced by prisluga carrier.

“KLM is in the midst of a crisis of unprecedented magnitude … the Expectation that the path to recovery will be long and faces uncertainty. This means that the structure and size of KLM must be tightly regulated even more in subsequent years. So, in General, from 4 500 to 5,000 positions across the group KLM will cease to exist”, – stated in the message KLM.

In General, the company has 33 thousand employees. Already forced to cut 1,500 people, will still be 2000 voluntary redundancies, the remaining positions will be reduced gradually.

Reductions are expected of up to 300 flight crew, 300 teams, 500 ground staff and about 400 jobs in the subsidiaries of the KLM and the positions of the group Air France-KLM.

The company said it “will remain open the possibility of further cuts “because of the high level of uncertainty” and does not expect a recovery in 2023 or 2024.

“It’s hard and sad for KLM, which now have to say goodbye to a valuable, loyal colleagues,” said KLM CEO Peter Albert.

KLM is previously reported an unprecedented loss of 768 million euros for the first half of 2020, the number of passengers in the second quarter fell by 95 per cent from nine million to less than half a million.

Another Correspondent wrote that KLM will receive an aid package of €3.4 billion.

As reported, experts predict that air travel will return to pre-crisis levels only by 2024.

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