City officials hinted that the heat in the battery is 15 October, most likely, will not appear

Author photo: Gregory Szalai, “Today”

The beginning of the heating season in Kyiv depends on the weather – the heat in the houses will be under the condition of temperature of not more than 8 degrees for three days. This was stated by the Deputy Chairman of the KCSA Petr Panteleyev, reports the press service of the KSCA.

He noted that it is important to think not only about heating, but that was not a meaningless load on the bills of Kiev with the inclusion of batteries in warm weather.

“We looked at the forecast for next week, during which we see 17-18 degrees Celsius. It is acceptable to pay for heating 30 hryvnia per square meter, when it’s this temperature? Many residents think that there is no” – said Panteleyev.

He explained that the Kiev government will take a decision on the inclusion of heating only on the legal procedure – the average daily air temperature must not exceed 8 degrees for three days.


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According to officials, KCSA and NAK “Naftogaz” has gone to the world and the court in its decision in the coming days is approved, then the city will again give gas.

“Our services are working around the clock and, I am convinced that, without emergency situations during the summer period, working without gas, we can manage during the heating season,” – said Panteleyev said.