Kazarin: Water for sanitary needs of the Crimean people, more than enough

Photo: Pavel Kazarin / Facebook

If the Ukrainian authorities agree on the supply of water in the occupied Russian Crimea, it would mean that Ukraine itself solve the problem of the occupier. This opinion on March 6 on radio “Crimea.Realities” expressed journalist Pavel Kazarin.

“This is a story about what Ukraine decides for the occupier country her problem is surrender. As the official Kiev will be advocating for before the European partners of the need to maintain sanctions against Russia for the annexation of the Crimea, if he goes to maximum cooperation with the country-occupier?” he said.

According to the journalist, “water for sanitary needs of the Crimean people is more than enough.”

“Not enough water to do from the Crimea tourist resort, where they will rest a few of millions of Russian citizens, and to develop the industry and to strengthen its military presence in Crimea. To supply water to Crimea – it means to deprive Russia of the headaches associated with trying to turn the occupied Ukrainian Peninsula into the health resort,” – said Kazarin.

March 5 in the program “Right to Vlad,” on “1+1” Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmyhal said that the failure of water in the Crimea will lead to a humanitarian catastrophe. After criticism in social networks, the Prime Minister said that Kiev will be able to supply water to Crimea only after its return under the control of Ukraine.

On March 6, during the hour of questions to the government Smigel noted that Ukraine would not supply water for industrial and military facilities annexed Crimea.

Ukraine provided through the North-Crimean channel to 85% of needs of Crimea for fresh water. After the annexation of Crimea to Russia in the spring of 2014, Kiev has stopped the supply of water to the Peninsula. In April 2017 the Crimean “authorities” are assured that they managed to completely overcome this problem but, according to experts of the edition “Crimea.Realities”, this information is not true. According to media reports, in the Crimea have not yet found an alternative to the Dnieper water supply, in addition to large-scale pumping of groundwater.

In September 2019, head of the North Crimean channel Sergei Shevchenko said that the supply water from mainland Ukraine to Crimea is technically impossible.