Belkovsky: A solution in terms of its security happen without his knowledge

Photo: Alexander Khomenko /

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has twins. Such opinion in interview to the journalist, the founder of the edition “GORDON” Mr Gordon expressed by Russian political scientist Stanislav Belkovsky.

“Yes, I think that a certain amount was… but why “was”? Did they get fired? How will they feed their families? We have the same social state, under the Constitution,” he said.

The analyst suggested that Putin “may or may not know about their existence”.

“Because many of the decisions in security occur without his personal knowledge, in order not to disturb once again”, – said Belkovsky.

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In an interview with TASS, published on February 27, Putin said that at the beginning of 2000-ies he proposed to raise for double safety, but he decided to give up.

TASS noted that the question of whether Putin’s DoppelgangeR, is one of the most popular queries about the President of the Russian Federation in the Internet.