Kasparov: We live in a world where territory has ceased to play a key role

Photo: EPA

Russia is to solve the problem of the Kuril Islands based on the Treaty of 1956 between the USSR and Japan, according to which they were to be transferred to the Japanese side after signing a peace Treaty. This opinion was expressed by the Russian opposition, the 13th world chess champion Garry Kasparov in an interview to the Internet newspaper Kasparov.ru.

“Crimea is not disputed territory. It is not disputed, but occupied territories, in violation of all international treaties. As for the Kuril Islands, then the need to get agreement of 1956. Not superfluous to recall that it was under Vladimir Putin, Russia has made significant concessions to China with the demarcation of the border in the Amur river channel”, – he said.

The politician noted that the Russian-Japanese territorial conflict must terminate in this way.

“It is clear that Japan needs to pay part of the territory and allow it to participate in the process of development of these Islands. And those bawlers who scream about the “referendum” in Crimea, I want to offer to hold a referendum on the Kuril Islands for the accession of Japan. The result may be unexpected… But you can in the königsberg province to hold a similar referendum,” he said.

According to Kasparov, in the modern world territory has ceased to play a key role.

“It is an important level of technological development and quality of life of people. Country that are unable to provide with its veterans of war, has no right to say something about the territories. When some patriot rips his shirt from Armani and shouts that will not sell the home, it is remembered Stanislavsky: “do Not believe!” – he concluded.

7 September 2017, the Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe urged “to put an end to the abnormal situation” around Smoking.

Four Kuril Islands – Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan and the Habomai group – became part of the USSR after the Second world war. Japan disputes this and is seeking the return of the Islands under the jurisdiction of Tokyo.

Due to disputes about the Kuril Islands, Japan and Russia still have not signed a peace Treaty after the Second world war.

In December 2016, Abe and Russian President Vladimir Putin discussed the possibility of conducting joint economic activities on disputable Islands of the Kuril ridge.