The ambitious project worth more than $ 8 million on reconstruction of shopping center “Caravan Outlet” one of the first Mall in Kiev, received a prestigious national award, Commercial Property Awards.

This investment project was a big win for professional DCH Infrastructure & Real Estate that operates a chain of “Karavan” in Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper. The implementation time was lightning fast – just six months for large-scale external and internal building works. More complicated was the implementation of the strategic objectives – the creation of a unique large outlet center in a comfortable urban transport accessibility.

In order to access the shopping center “Caravan Outlet” in the capital and the country format was carefully analysed the experience of the biggest outlet cities in Europe, developed strict internal standards, involve professionals more than 20 contractors, and on December 7, 2019 Mall Caravan Outlet opened its doors to connoisseurs of high-quality and budget shopping the world level.



“Karavan Outlet” gathered under one roof more than 50 popular international fashion brands that operate in a outlet and offer regular discounts more than 70%. Among them: LC Waikiki, Reserved, Sinsay, House, Mohito, OGGI, Ostin, and Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Baldinini, Paper Shop, Vitto Rossi, crocs, and many others. Now it is not necessary to wait for seasonal sales is enough to keep track of receipts favorite brands at a Caravan Outlet.

Unlike most European outlets shopping Mall Karavan Outlet is not only economical shopping, but also entertainment. Visitors will find a cinema Multiplexс the most affordable ticket prices in Kiev, a professional roller skating and children’s entertainment center Fly Kids.



DCH Infrastructure& Real Estate, managing company network, SEC “Caravan” is part of the DCH group of companies, odnogoiz the largest and dynamically developing Ukrainian Bizness 20-year historiasexo.

Founder and President Alexandr Vladilenovich Yaroslavsky is one of the most well-known businessmen, industrialist, philanthropist, social activist, General investor of Kharkiv’s preparations for Euro 2012 (more than $300 million investment in the objects of Euro-2012), which finished in 2016, the 8-th place in the ranking of the Ukrainian edition of Forbes.

Priority activities of the business group at this time – Finance, industry, mining, transport, development, production of construction materials, hospitality etc.


“Karavan Outlet” becoming Microsim Proctor s reconstructs 2019 rock versa for Commercial Property

AMTI pract Varstu over 8 million dollars s reconstructs SEC “Caravan Outlet”, one z NiPERA Mall of Kyiv, trimas Prestigio Vseukrainsky award, Commercial Property Awards.

Tsey investicinis pract becoming a great Peremoga profesine team DCH Infrastructure& Real Estate, Yak Kero Trammel the SEC “Caravan” in CIV, Kharkov DNP. Line realset Buli rekordnymi – lachey purose for large-scale towns the vnutrishnih budulinek robt. Ale shte skladnik Bulo vikonati strategichne the challenge of stvoriti uncanny great outlet center at komfortni MSCI transportni dostupnost.

Dwellers vgcreate SEC “Caravan Outlet” the new stolic the country format CCB realno probalby Dowd Nila outlet mstack Urope, rotable savor vntrs standardized, seloken professionali hope 20 paradnij organzatsii, I vzhe 7 grudnia 2019 rock the Mall “Karavan Outlet” vdkev svoï apartment is in good condition poznovatel accnos the budget shopng swetoha Runa.

“Karavan Outlet” pid sbrev one Dah more than 50 mineralnih popular fashion brands, yaki pratsyuyut have format outlet that Radauti postin of znizki to 70%. Sered them: LC Waikiki, Reserved, Sinsay, House, Mohito, OGGI, Ostin, and also Hugo Boss, Karl Lagerfeld, Baldinini, Paper Shop, Vitto Rossi, Roy Robson I bagato NSA. Wtaer no sense to chekati on SEZON rasprodazh, dostatno lachey regularly vddat Lublin brandy from a Caravan Outlet.

On vdmo from perevazhno in evropeyskih outlet, SEC “Caravan Outlet” TSE not tilki economy shopng, ale shte th entertainment. For vdduv working knotheads Multiplexз neprivaloma CNAME on blety in CIV, profesini roller skating the children’s world rozvalni complex Fly Kids.



DCH Infrastructure & Real Estate, Carouselambra SEC “Caravan Outlet,” to enter in to a groupie of DCH, one s Nila Ukrainian bzness z 20-rcnew story ospho.

Zasnovnik the President Oleksandr Kiriyenko, Yaroslavsky – one W naivas thismany banishment, premyslovice, philanthropist, suspine DAC, General investor Kharkova of preparation to Euro-2012 (over $300 million investici Ob in objects Euro-2012).

Prioritetnim napryamki diyalnosti DCHє fnance, promislovosti, videobook Fig Kopalin, transport, development, virobnictvo budmaterialiv, hotelny business.

The information provided in the article 10 of the Constitution of Ukraine and article 6 of the Law of Ukraine On national minorities in Ukraine