Photo: the most popular was the electric car the Nissan

Most Ukrainians are interested in a model of the electric vehicle Nissan Leaf. Last month brought more than two hundred such cars.

In Ukraine last month put on record 623 passenger electric car, which is 67% more than in February last year, wrote on Thursday, March 5, Ukrautoprom.

As of today, given the commercial total was 663 electric vehicle, but only 29 of them were new.

In January 2020 the initial registration of electric vehicles rose by a third, to 587 units, and the share of new cars was 6%.

Most Ukrainians are interested in the Nissan Leaf in February registration received 252 cars of this model. By a large margin from the leader in second place TESLA Model S (57 units), and a third position at TESLA Model 3 (56 registrations).

Of the 40 commercial electric vehicles, has received in the past month, Ukrainian rooms, 38 units were the RENAULT Kangoo Z. E.

The initial registration of passenger electric vehicles (used and new) in Ukraine 2019 increased by almost a third compared to the 2018 year – to 7012 units, the proportion used was 92% (in 2018 83.5 per cent). Commercial electric cars were registered 530 units – 1.5 times more than the previous year, and the proportion of b/y car in this segment amounted to 96%

Import to Ukraine of electric vehicles until 31 December 2022, exempt from VAT and excise duty, and the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada initiates cancellation of VAT on the production of electric vehicles and the amendments to the law “On public procurement” preferences for national producers.

As reported, presents the main competitor to the Tesla electric car BMW i4.

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