PL-15 is chambered in caliber 9×19 millimeters “automatic pistol”

Concern “Kalashnikov” next year begins the serial production of the new 9-millimeter gun PL-15, which was designed for the Russian military, secret services and the police, writes “Popular Mechanics”.

The gun was developed by Lebedev shooter and designer Dmitry Lebedev, who has paid special attention to balance and ergonomics of the weapon. PL-15 is chambered in caliber 9×19 mm “Parabellum”. The compact gun has a length of 220 mm barrel length 127 mm, width 28 mm and a height of 136 mm. magazine Capacity — 14 rounds.

It is reported, the switch lever of the fuse and slide stop, and magazine catch button are made two-way for easy use gun right hand and left hand. Automatic PL-15 works on the principle of short recoil of the barrel, and the locking mechanism is skewed.

The trigger mechanism is made self-cocking, hammer type, with a hidden location and inertial firing pin. When the safety trigger and the trigger are separated.

In General, the trigger mechanism is designed so that weapons could not produce a spontaneous shot even when falling from a height.

The pressure on the trigger from the PL-15 is four pounds; length of stroke of the hook — seven millimeters. The gun is equipped with a tactile indication of the presence of a cartridge in the barrel — if there is a cartridge in the rear part of the bolt is a little special appointed doctor, allowing touch to determine whether the weapon is loaded.