Photo: Junior national team of Ukraine won the Cup four Nations

In the final, the Ukrainians defeated the peers from Hungary.

Junior national team of Ukraine has won the international tournament four Nations Cup that was held in the Hungarian capital Budapest.

In the final, the team of Oleg Ignatiev confidently defeated the team of Hungary (Red) – 5:1. Moreover, in the first eight minutes of the decisive game, the Ukrainians have thrown in gate of rivals three goals.

Our team again became the winner of the four Nations Cup two years after their previous triumph in this tournament.

Cup four Nations. The final

Ukraine – Hungary 5:1 (3:0; 0:0; 2:1)

Ukraine: Ohanjanyan. Babchuk – Tabashnik, Vasiliev Kruglyakov, Gritsyuk – Budko, Mikhalchuk Ivashchenko. Halin – Sirotenko – Morozov, Pans Danilenko – Arabs, Serednitskaya – Miklukha – Mateychenko, Evtukhov.

Washers: 1:0. Mateychenko (Kruglyakov, 4:35), 2:0. Danilenko (Matacena, Ivashchenko, 6:27), 3:0. Halin (Morozov, Sirotenko, 7:50), 3:1. Kedves (Bogetic, 49:33), 4:1. Arabs (56:09), 5:1. Serednitskaya (Mikluha Mateychenko, 56:33).

Penalty: 8 – 24

Shots: 50 – 15

Your next tournament our juniors will hold in February in Poland, where they will play against the local team, as well as Hungary and Austria (U-19).

In April the national team of Ukraine will perform at the home world Championships Division 1B matches which will take Kiev Palace of sports.

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