Japanese engineers have announced a breakthrough his country in new technologies for submarines.

Japanese experts managed to solve the problem where there was a fire inside a Russian nuclear deep-water station project 10831 AC-31 “Losharik” says lenta.ru with reference to the “Military-industrial courier”.

Thus the publication of the newspaper responded to the commissioning of the first in the world non-nuclear submarine (non-nuclear submarines) Oryu (“Resurgent dragon”) series Soryu (“Blue dragon”), equipped with lithium-ion batteries. The ceremony was held at the Kobe shipyard of shipbuilding plant of Kobe Shipyard & Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

“This is a breakthrough in creating effective propulsion for submarines”, — the newspaper writes. It is also noted that similar work is underway in Russia, but for the crew of as-31 “Losharik” “the last experiments ended tragically”.

“A reasonably assumption that the Japanese designers have solved the safety problem of lithium-ion batteries” —says the publication.

The newspaper reminds that a Japanese NNS distinguishes hydroacoustic noise, and the possibility of rapid charging and the ability to stay long under water without surfacing.

According to the official report of the Ministry of defense of Russia, the victim in July 2019 in the Barents sea, the accident of nuclear deep water station project 10831 AC-31 “Losharik”, which killed 14 sailors, had carried out bathymetric measurements.

In the same month, the head of the Krylov state scientific center, doctor of technical Sciences Pavel Filippov said that the creation of Russian engineers airindependent power plant for non-nuclear submarines are faced with the physical problem of heat recovery.