Simplification of visa requirements will contribute to the improvement of conditions for tourists, businessmen, citizens who re-visit Japan


Entered into force the decision of the government of Japan on simplifying of visa requirements for Ukrainian citizens (holders of ordinary passports) for short-term visits to this country.

So, I January 1, 2018 government of Japan has extended the range of applicants entitled to multiple-entry visa for a short stay for business purposes and cultural and scientific figures, and the validity period of the visa extended from 3 to 5 years maximum.

In addition to existing one-time visas introduced multiple-entry visas (with a validity of 3 years and maximum period of stay of 30 days) for a short stay for various purposes, including for tourism.

In addition, in the case of self-payment the trip the applicant is no longer required to provide documents from the guarantor.

Discussion of new features of the visa regime between Japan and Ukraine was held on November 9 in Kyiv during the visit of Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan, Kazuyuki the stake in Ukraine. From 1st January the results of these discussions got force.

Was also recently abolished visas for Ukrainians in the United Arab Emirates. Visa to UAE was one of the most expensive for its design, the Ukrainians asked for $80 (2160 UAH) to $120 (3240 UAH).

Recall that the Ukrainians are still storming the offices in hopes to obtain a biometric passport within the stipulated period, however, to produce all documents not in time. Ukrainians frustrated business trips and holidays abroad.

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Japan eases visa requirements for Ukrainians
Yesterday, 12:54

Is expected to improve conditions for tourists, entrepreneurs, increasing the number of citizens, re-visiting Japan, further strengthening of interpersonal contacts

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