Changes in the country is possible only through the active and persistent actions of professionals.

In an interview with said the head of the State fiscal service, the candidate for the post of President of Ukraine Roman Nasirov.

According to Roman Nasirov, economic development, and interest in Ukraine by foreign investors will increase with the improvement of the business climate, and better conditions of doing business in the country. The emphasis in the program the candidate is making on the economic unit and the launcher of the Ukrainian economy:

“Long time working in the business, you live in fact the business climate is the climate that is. And often understand that it needs to be slightly different… After I passed the Parliament, chaired the Committee, worked in the public service in high positions, I know how to change the country. It is impossible to stay away, if you want to the country has changed, you need to take an active part”, – says Nasirov.

Novostimoscow presented the program, which goes to the President

Roman Nasirov

To the question about who he considers his constituents, the head of the SFS said that in the first place will appeal to entrepreneurs, to the Ukrainian business: “for myself, the main task is put to reach the middle class. You cannot come to all. Making the main part of the candidates? They try to promise something vulnerable citizens. I turn first to the middle class, who understands and listens. It’s the people who do get their information, they cannot be influenced by the number of photographs on billboards or banal advertising on TV,” he said.

According to Roman Nasirov, representatives of Ukrainian business to support his program:

“These are people who today have already joined, and will join my work. First of all, it is Ukrainian business: small and medium, people who work every day to earn a living and want changes in the country,” – said Nasirov.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL earlier Roman Nasirov announced a plan of economic development of Ukraine.

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