In the list of checks in Krivoy Rog project team “Auditor: Stores” made the city “the bird”

Natalia Kudryashova

Impressed by resonance check in Krivoy Rog, the leading social reality “Inspector Shops” (New channel) Natalia Kudryashova remembered his failed collaboration with the “bird”.

In the list of checks in Krivoy Rog project team “Auditor: Stores” made the city “the bird.” And was frustrated in what conditions the sellers contain living beings: from the close cells and ending with the lack of water in the bowls at 35-degree heat. What they saw reminded the host of the project life. “I really want to believe that not all the sellers of animals so carelessly treat them. And even know personally the exemplary outlets where Pets are treated with no less awe than to their children. But a story that once happened to me, only added to the skepticism. One day, my Squishy, like a good cat, escaped in March, in may to bring us the kittens. When the kids grew up and stopped to crawl under the bedside table, I picked them up in a bunch and decided to take the bird market. And that’s when I first encountered this branch of hell on earth,” – says Natalia.

That day, after talking with the sellers, the presenter learned from insider information is not for the faint of heart. “After this communication, I not surprised at such instances as the alleged acquisition of purebred animal with fake documents, – says Kudryashova. Or a dramatic transformation of miniature dogs in a medium-sized bull. After I heard the news worse. Alas, buying pussy in this market, I wouldn’t discard the possibility that he did not long survive. Or go directly to my cat’s rainbow, or it will have a long time to heal. Moreover, not always successfully. Why may occur such trouble? It’s simple. Often, animals at such markets, see “utilities” cage, literally, from each other on the head. Without water, food, suffer from heat or frost, defecate on each other…And through secretions and airborne droplets can get to each other very dangerous diseases – distemper and enteritis. And rabies, ringworm and toxoplasmosis, which can be easily caught from a sick kitten, and dangerous to humans”.

Learned Natalya is another way of animal abuse at one of the bird markets. “One family bought at “bird” purebred kitten with a sweet, smoky-gray color, – says a leading. – The kid was just like the pictures! They admired everything. But still until his fur started to come out in shreds, and the skin was not found ulcers. After all, to sell animal expensive, sellers market it…painted! The poisoning of a paint for a newborn kitten turned fatal: the particles of the substance entered the body of the animal through the skin and saliva. Because kittens always lick themselves. Another horror deposited in my memory – a story about how kittens give breeders a fighting and guard dog breeds. Small defenseless animals are thrown into cages at the mercy of…To develop aggression in dogs!”.