Media: If the exchange happens, it will be a rare case of cooperation in relations between the US and Iran


The authorities of Iran declared readiness to negotiate with the United States to exchange prisoners without preconditions. This was stated by the official representative of the Iranian government, Ali Rabia, the newspaper writes Khabar Online.

He noted that Tehran is ready to exchange all prisoners and negotiations on this issue with the United States, but Washington answer has yet been given.

Rabia added that there is evidence that the United States “as ready as ever to put an end to this situation.”

That the United States and Iran are preparing to make an exchange of prisoners, may 6, Reuters reported, citing sources in Washington and Tehran. Iran may get a veteran of the naval forces of the USA Michael white, who was in prison in 2018. On the American side in the list on the exchange can enter Iranian Professor Cyrus Asgari, who was accused of stealing trade secrets in November 2019 is justified.

59-year-old asghari, who had contracted the coronavirus, is under medical observation by USA immigration authorities and waiting for permission to leave home.

If there is this exchange, it will be a rare case of cooperation in relations between the US and Iran, the Agency noted.

Currently, the U.S. government has with Iran diplomatic or consular relations. The US has imposed on Iran a number of sanctions against Tehran’s nuclear deal. Washington also accuses Iran of funding international terrorism.