The rest of the week in Ukraine the weather will be autumn, but after cooling again the heat will come, and the rains at the time of retreat

Photo: pixabay

Over the next five days in Ukraine again will become warmer. The rain and cold came at the end of last week, retreat, and they will be replaced by dry and Sunny weather with comfortable warmth. But it will not last very long. By the end of the week from the West will come again rain. This was reported in the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological center.

The anticyclone over Ukraine will banish the clouds and bring dry and Sunny weather until Saturday. But the new cyclone from Europe by the Sunday again will ruin the weather, bringing rain.

So, on Tuesday, 11 September, the temperature will begin to rise in the West and the East of Ukraine. On the West of the country will be dry and Sunny, up to 24. The rest of the forecast rain, but only in the center to be cool, to +20-22. The rest of the warmer, sometimes up to +27.

Wednesday, 12 September, forecasters predict a warming in Ukraine. Clears away the cobwebs and will be dry and Sunny. The air temperature is comfortable averaging up to +24-26 C in the East of Ukraine in places up to +28.

Thursday, September 13, the weather will be similar to the previous day. And the temperature will rise by another 1-2 degrees.

On Friday, September 14, will also be dry, warm and Sunny. The Indian summer that came in the previous days, will delight guests warm to +26-28 degrees.