Photo: the exorcism ended with the hospitalization of the client

Sorcerer, exorcising the ghosts of a local girl, almost sent her to the light. The police suspect him of the attempted murder of an Indian.

In the Indian district Malkangiri local sorcerer when casting out demons from a client set fire to it and forced to eat pig faeces. The girl was hospitalized, wizard arrested, writes India Today.

A local resident felt unwell a week. Instead of having to take her to the hospital, the neighbors, considering that she was possessed by demons, brought her to the local witch doctor. He confirmed guess of the neighbors and stated that the client really possessed by demons.

The sorcerer began to cast out evil spirits from Indian. He beat her and then set fire to the face, then forced to eat pig excrement.

A local resident felt even worse and it finally was hospitalized.

Sorcerer militiamen detained. He is suspected of attempted murder of a client.

Local authorities say that in this area people are very superstitious and instead of a hospital turn for help to sorcerers, charlatans and black magicians.

Earlier it was reported that the chief exorcist of the Vatican described the symptoms of demon possession.

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