The teacher illegal kindergarten in Zaporozhye, where he died one-year-old girl deleted the video from surveillance cameras and tried to hide the other marks emergency.

This was reported by Timur Mamedov, the lawyer of the parents of the deceased Olesya. The human rights activist noted that part of the video, which, most likely, the teacher stuck. Mammadov has published a fragment on his page on Facebook (to see pascalle news down).

Screen video

According to the lawyer, he and the girl’s parents previously commented about the tragedy that the suspect fled and destroyed the remaining evidence of his guilt before the arrest.

“The caregiver after the death of Lesya misrepresented and concealed numerous facts from us and the investigation, with the aim to avoid criminal liability. And even before the arrival of the investigation team removed the video surveillance cameras with hard drives, hid the murder weapon, a section of the child and tried to hide other traces of the crime,” wrote Mammadov.

On the published fragment of the video shows how the woman placed the baby on the couch, looked the girls leg where, apparently, she was bitten by another child, tied near the face of the baby pillow and took her into another room.

In a kindergarten in Zaporozhye, the girl died

Screen video

As earlier told her parents, quarreled with Olesya-fed peers, which severely bit her. The girl started crying from the stress, she began vomiting. Child result, choked on her own vomit.

“Excuse the slang, but stupid to strike up a pillow and carry you into another room where to leave year-old child for about 10 minutes without attention just because of the fact that the child was crying – it defies common sense,” protested the human rights activist.

He added that “pseudocode” in a private three-room apartment, worked several years negative reviews about it was not.

“Bring the child, the mother examined the conditions of the apartment where already there were children that caused her trust, and suspect (educator) all assured the mother that she has two higher educations – pedagogical and medical. And for greater persuasiveness demonstrated the certificates allegedly entitling her to such a sphere of activity which are not caused doubts among the gullible mom.

The mother in that moment I was sure that it was here that her child can receive special attention and training because of the small number of children,” wrote Mammadov.

The teacher was arrested on suspicion of intentional homicide committed against a minor child (paragraph 2 of part 1 of article 115 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

Caution, video 18+!

As he wrote OBOZREVATEL, the teacher of the illegal garden in Zaporozhye called the parents of the deceased girl said that their child was not breathing. An ambulance on the scene of the incident she did not cause.

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