Photo: the LPG in Ukraine continues to rise

Retail prices of liquefied petroleum gas as of October 9, grew the national average of 15 cents per liter.

In Ukraine from 8 to 9 October, retail prices for liquefied gas increased the national average by 15 kopecks/liter, to 15.61 UAH/liter. this was reported to the Consulting group A-95, writes enkorr.

So, compared with October 8, the price of the petrol stations WOG increased by 22 kopecks/liter, and amounted to 16.15 UAH/liter. OKKO raised the price of 20 kopecks/liter to UAH 16,19/l. In the consolidated network group, the Private cost of petrol increased by 19-24 liter of avias LPG rose to 15.22 UAH/l, in the network Ukrnafta – to 15.13 UAH/liter.

Liquefied natural gas in a network of Parallel added 41 kopecks/liter (of 15.86 UAH/l). Stations AMIC, Shell, SOCAR, avtotrans, Neftek, BRSM-Nafta, Mango and folk autogas rose 1-35 kopecks./l.

Since the beginning of October autogas in retail rose by 40 kopecks ./the Cause of growth is the higher cost of loans in the wholesale market.

We will remind, on September 29-30, the Ukrainian gas network has increased the price of petrol – up to 15 UAH per liter.

As reported, from 5 to 8 October stations raised the price of LPG on average 1 to 40 cents per liter.


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