The Ministry of healthcare of Ukraine explained exactly how you can become infected with anthrax, and called the symptoms in the disease.

Infection occurs as a result of penetration of the pathogen through damaged skin, mucous membrane or insect bites, according to the Center for public health in Facebook.

The health Ministry told about the symptoms of anthrax. Photo

It is also noted that there is a possibility of infection via pathogen-contaminated soil or objects.

At the same from person to person disease is not transmitted.

The CHP said that the average incubation period of 2-3 days, also possible variations from several hours to 14 days.

Symptoms when the disease anthrax

The disease begins acutely. Within the first few hours the body temperature sharply rises to 38-40 degrees, and there is a weakness. It is divided into several forms:

Anthrax on the skin

  • Severe headache.

  • High temperature.

  • General malaise.

  • The carbuncle with the rapid growth of edema and itching.

Anthrax pneumonic form

  • A strong stabbing pain in my chest.

  • Shortness of breath.

Anthrax is the intestinal form

  • Diarrhea with the admixtures of blood.

  • Cutting pains in the abdomen.

  • Vomiting with admixture of blood.

In CHP call for at the least suspicion of any of the forms of the disease need immediate hospitalization. Anthrax is severe and can lead to death.

How to reduce the risk of Contracting anthrax

The Ministry provided advice for the prevention of infection:

  • buy meat and meat products only in places where the quality of products control;

  • people who process and sell the meat of any livestock or raw materials are obliged to comply with hygienic norms;

  • compliance with animal health rules for animal care;

  • the slaughter of livestock only with permission of health auxiliaries;

  • the orderly burial of dead animals;

  • veterinary control of fur and leather raw materials;

  • control of disease of animals;

  • the destruction of infected carcasses;

  • vaccination of animals against anthrax;

  • person who had contact with sick animals or raw materials of emergency prevention.

Facebook CHP

Facebook CHP

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, in the Odessa region confirmed case of infection with anthrax. A patient who had been buying animals, felt the first symptoms on August 3, but the doctor asked only on August 7.

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