Medicines are getting more expensive, but a classic cold remedies remain available

Along with September’s sharp cold snap in Ukraine and kicks off the season of colds. Doctors warn it’s time to start prevention. The correspondent of “Today” conducted an experiment and found out what cough medicines can be purchased at 100 hryvnia.

Pharmacist Lyudmila Voitenko says that to prevent colds and to spend no more than a hundred hryvnia is quite real. She picked up four types of drugs without a prescription. All more than affordable. He says the first thing you need to do is to buy oxolinic ointment. She stands up to 18 USD per tube.

“Bacteria in the body gets it is through the nasal mucosa. When we put ointment mucous, bacteria it stuck, stopped, and not fall further into the body,” – said Voitenko.

The next thing will save from cold – immunostimulators, mainly on the basis of Echinacea.

“63 of the hryvnia is a large amount, it is long enough. There are drops they can give to children. Echinacea and tablets,” says the pharmacist.

Syrup is 63 hryvnia, tablets – 37 UAH, a drop of 97 USD.


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Another group of adjuvants helps to produce interferon. These drugs are about 75 hryvnia.

“Interferons are responsible for immunity. More than them, so they work better. People less vulnerable to viral and infectious diseases,” adds Voitenko.

But the most reliable means of prevention is vaccination. The cost of the vaccine – from 170 UAH. Selling it yet, but already waiting. One dose of vaccine is enough to protect for six months.

Resembles a specialist and vitamins. Says less sick in the winter, it is better to drink a course now. Domestic products are from 90 UAH, import – from 150 hryvnia per pack. It is better if the vitamins prescribed by a doctor.

We will remind, in Ukraine, more expensive medications, and much faster than the rising average prices across the country. According to the Economic discussion club (EDK), the price of medciine, which includes the 20 most essential drugs identified by the Cabinet, with the beginning of the year increased by 15%. This is four times more than the average inflation in the country, calculated by the state statistics service.

Experts say that the drugs will continue to rise, primarily due to the depreciation of the hryvnia.

The survey

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