Photo: Tumushabe with FC during their wedding on December 29

The Imam met a girl at the mosque and soon married her. However, two weeks later, his passion caught stealing and it turned out that this man is a con man.

Imam Muhammad Mutumba from Uganda and got married to a girl named Sabella Nabukera. And two weeks later it turned out that this man, besides the scammer, writes New Vision.

Mutumba met Richard Tumushabe, who was dressed as a woman in the mosque the end of 2019. The Imam did not hesitate and soon held a wedding liked him Saburou – this name was called a crook when meeting.

Before marriage, the Imam, following the tradition, went to the village to relatives “of the bride” and gave two bags of sugar, two goats, clothes and Koran.

Then the couple celebrated the wedding according to Muslim traditions.

After the wedding, “wife” categorically denied her husband intimate relations.

Tumushabe carefully concealed that he was a man with makeup, slip Breasts, hijab, he also spoke a female voice.

That “wife” of the Imam is not the woman revealed after a crook caught stealing. At night he climbed over the fence to the neighbor’s and stole clothes, a TV, and 300 thousand Ugandan shillings ($81).

The offender was arrested. In a prison cell to find out who he really is. Police have made a confession, in addition arrested the accomplice of Tumushabe rustic “cousin”, which received a ransom for “bride”.

Tumushabe after his arrest. Photo:

Earlier we wrote that in the Philippines, the couple married near an erupting volcano.

Also we will remind that the girl has married herself after the groom left her on the eve of the wedding.

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