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New line of Apple blogger mentioned in passing, and the primacy given to the smartphone from Google.

A well-known blogger Zach Nelson, working under the name jerryrigeverything once, read the top most durable smartphone 2019. The video appeared on the official YouTube channel of the blogger.

Championship Nelson gave the Google Pixel 3a. According to the blogger, the gadget is equipped with robust plastic housing, and it is very easy to disassemble for repair.

The most negative specialist evaluated Redmi Note 7, which is easily broken with minimal physical impacts.

The worst in the ranking of ease of repair was Royole Flexpai. A smartphone is generally not intended for outside interference because of the foldable screen. In this category the blogger noted a new iPhone. According to Nelson, they are still difficult to repair “in primitive conditions” and services official services are very expensive.

The most innovative smartphone named as the smartphone with two displays Nubia Z20. And Samsung Galaxy A80 Nelson called the most accurate location of internal components.

On the eve of Xiaomi showed a smartphone with three screens. Also Reporter wrote about what was presented the first smartphone with a colored “ink” display.

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