Failures in the Telegram recorded around the world

Photo: EPA

In the messenger Telegram of 16 March, there was a problem around the world. Team applications reported this to Twitter.

According to support, about 70 thousand users worldwide saw his account in the remote application due to server problems.

Up to 70K users may temporarily see their account as Deleted due to a server issue. No data is lost, everything will be back to normal soon. Sorry for the inconvenience

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) March 16, 2019

Now the problem is fixed, reads a Telegram the Twitter team.

“Everything is back to normal. Sorry to bother you. If you do not see your group, log out of account and log back in. Any other minor side effects associated with the cache and will disappear by themselves. Balance is restored”, – is spoken in the message.

Everything is now back to normal. Sorry for the trouble. If you can’t see your groups, log out and in again. Any other minor side-effects are due to caching and will go away on their own. Balance is restored. *

— Telegram Messenger (@telegram) March 16, 2019

On the website Downdetector, which monitors the online resources, it is reported that the crash occurred about 14 hours of the day.

Most of the problems in the functioning of the Telegram noted European users in Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia. Also failures were observed in USA, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Venezuela and Colombia.


91% of users Downdetector had reported the inability to connect to the Telegram, another 8% that do not leave messages.