In new York, brought to trial for fraud and money-laundering, amazingly a multiethnic group of 25 people, representing half of the former Soviet republics. All of them are accused of major fraud by selling cars.

Photo: Reuters

Among the accused are seven Russians.

Page according to the indictment, from November 2016 to present the defendants did in the US, fraud in which a victim has suffered a pecuniary damage in the amount of more than $ 4.5 million.

The defendants allegedly posing as dealers and collectors and advertised on the famous auction and specialized sites classic cars for sale.

After the buyer contacted them and agreed on a price, the defendants sent it to a fake shipping company that was to deliver him a car after he pays money into her account .

As soon as the money came at the expense of this phony company, the fraudsters were taken to remove them in the different departments of the Bank and amount less than 10 thousand dollars so the Bank did not, as expected, about these transactions to the Ministry of Finance. The money was then transferred to the countries of Eastern Europe.

The victims have not received any of the purchased car, no money, and some have to pay the loan taken in the Bank for its acquisition, is written by the prosecutors of the southern district of new York.

For conspiracy to commit fraud, theoretically, each of the accused faces up to 30 years in prison, and for conspiracy to commit money laundering is up to 20 years.

They also owe me compensation that the court determines.

Whom to blame?

The defendants are 58-year-old Igor Stasovski from Brooklyn, 29-year-old Cyril Deduces and four other residents of Los Angeles: a 30-year-old Stanislav Lissitzky, he Giedrius, Girnius, 39-summer Alexey Livadny and 32-year-old Nikolay Tupikin, and two Muscovite: 29-year-old Michael frost and 34-year-old Alexander Starikov.

Stand 23-year-old American Michelle Levinsky and 36-year-old Turk Melvut Asisi. Both live in Brooklyn.

There arrested, the oldest of the accused, 64-year-old Ketevan Sepiashvili from Georgia. Only in Brooklyn lived 11 members of the group.

In Miami arrested 24-year-old Azeri Elvin Bagir-PUR. Another person involved — a 64-year-old Georgian Tengiz, Jaliashvili is in the bullpen in Florida on another case. In Michigan the bullpen already contained in the local case of a 31-year-old Latvian Matiss Puke and his brother 29-year-old Carlos vītols. Federal prosecutors for the southern district of new York will apply to the courts of other States for the extradition of all four.

Several members of the group remain at large and declared wanted. It Deduces, 44-year-old Georgian Roman Eliozashvili, 48-summer Elena Khudaybergenov from Kazakhstan, Lissitzky, Livadny, frost, the Elderly and Tupikin.