The Federal district court in San Francisco temporarily suspended the decree of the President of the United States Donald trump for denying asylum to illegal migrants. Monday, November 19, the court upheld a collective complaint of human rights organizations involved in assisting refugees.

Photo: Reuters

The decision of the tramp against the law immigration and citizenship, said judge John tiger. The act allows any person in the territory of the United States, to petition for asylum, regardless of how he crossed the U.S. border, said the judge.

The injunction took effect immediately upon publication and is valid until at least December 19.

The Decree Trump

Donald trump has repeatedly stressed that will not let in migrants from Central America, which several columns sent to the US border. On 9 November, he signed a decree, according to which migrants who illegally entered the territory of the United States, will not be able to apply for asylum . A petition, by the decision of trump, are entitled to submit only foreigners who entered the country through the official border posts. Such measures, the us President called “absolutely legal”. “We will stop these people at the border is an invasion,” he added.

In the United States on 13 October went about 7 thousand people from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, most of them arrived in Mexico illegally. Evaluation of the volunteer organization Pueblo Sin Fronteras, a part of them returned home.

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