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Trials of the drug showed that the drug can block the virus.

The leading American infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci, said that the results of the study test drugs against the coronavirus, “Ramdevpir” showed “pretty good news”. RBC reports with reference to CNBC.

He said that the average recovery time in patients taking the drug was 11 days compared with 15 days in the placebo group. The results also show a decrease in mortality rate: mortality rate in the group of people who took “Ramdevpir” is 8% and in the placebo group and 11.6%.

“It is proved that the drug can block this virus. When you know that your medicine is valid, you have to let people in the placebo group, to enable them to accept it. It will be a new standard of care,” said Fauci.

It is expected that representatives of health will publish the full results of the study drug.

The manufacturer of the drug, biotechnology company Gilead Sciences also published preliminary results of its own research, which showed that the status of almost half the patients treated for five days dose “of Ramdevpir”, has improved. In the clinical study involved 397 patients with severe cases COVID-19.