The Senator explained that the energy and national security are the same thing

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Republican Senator from Wyoming John Barrasso introduced in Congress a bill to impose sanctions against the pipeline “Nord stream-2”. About it reports a press-service of the politician.

“We have seen in the past, Russia used its natural gas as a geopolitical weapon. It threatens other countries, extorting money and bullying. With this new pipeline Russia is trying to make Germany and the rest of Europe even more dependent,” said the Senator.


  • EU and US support the interests of Ukraine concerning the transit of gas – Poroshenko

He explained that the energy and national security are the same thing, so “in the interests of national security of the United States” to help allies reduce dependence on Russian energy. The Senator also mentioned Ukraine: “Putin actually stopped supplying natural gas to Ukraine in 2006, 2009 and 2014. He invaded Ukraine and annexed the Crimea to cut off access to natural gas and oil resources. This is the model which Putin uses as a weapon. The best defense against this weapon is that European countries have energy diversity and security”.

We will remind, the President of the United States Donald trump and Vladimir Putin met earlier in Helsinki. During the meeting, Putin said that Russia is ready to save the transit of gas through Ukraine after the construction of the “Nord stream – 2”.