In Atlanta, demonstrators erected barricades

Photo: EPA

Throughout the state of Georgia (USA) introduced the state of emergency, stated in the decree of July 6 was signed by Governor Brian Kemp.

Over the weekend during the riots in the state capital Atlanta, were killed five people, another 30 wounded.

“Peaceful protests have become an arena for the actions of criminals with dangerous, destructive agenda. Innocent residents of Georgia are being attacked, they were shot and left to die. Such lawlessness must be stopped,” said Kemp, representing the Republican party.

To preserve order in the state, according to the decree, introduced 1000 National guard troops.

Among the dead in Atlanta – eight-year-old girl. On 4 July she was in the car whose driver was trying to enter the Park through the barricades erected by demonstrators. In the car opened fire, according to CNN.

Riots in Atlanta continued from June 12, when police shot and killed African-American Rashard Brooks, who was drunk and asleep in the car, and when he resisted arrest.