Militiamen detained the military when you attempt to transmit intelligence


Counterintelligence of security Service of Ukraine exposed a soldier of combat brigades of the Armed forces of Ukraine, stationed in the Dnipropetrovsk region, reported January 20, the press center of the SBU.

“Detectives and investigators security services have established that the inhabitant of the city Svyatogorsk after the start of the military aggression of Russia in Ukraine went to the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region, where he voluntarily joined the illegal armed formations so-called “DNR”, – is told in the message.

According to the SBU, where he was recruited by the Russian secret service.

“In the beginning of 2019, the gunman left the temporarily occupied territory and entered military service in the Armed forces of Ukraine under the contract to perform the tasks of the FSB for obtaining intelligence information in the military sphere. The attacker collect information, in particular on the deployment of military units of the APU, including in the area of operations of the combined forces, their movement, quantity, type of weapons, personnel, personal data commanders,” continued the SBU.

Militiamen detained the military near a military unit attempting to transfer the collected intelligence.

The soldier reported about suspicion in Commission of crime under part 1 of article 111 (high treason) and part 1 of article 258-3 (creation of terrorist group or terrorist organization) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

In 2014, immediately after the annexation of Crimea, in Eastern Ukraine, Russia has begun armed aggression. Fighting underway between Ukraine’s Armed forces on the one hand, and the Russian army and Russian-backed militants, who control part of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, on the other. Officially, Russia does not recognize its invasion of Ukraine, despite Ukraine presented the facts and evidence.