The driver of the detained car said went to the police station to surrender


Patrol police in the Kiev region for violation of the rules of traffic stopped the car and found inside the body of a man with a gunshot wound, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Channel region.

The incident occurred this morning in the area of urban-type settlement Ivankiv.

The driver of the car is a veteran of the war in the Donbass – admitted to police officers that fatally wounded his friend and went to the police to admit it.

He said that together with a friend, also a veteran, was a chronic alcoholic. They have a dispute, which escalated into a shooting. During a quarrel with a hunting weapon shot to the side of the companion.

At the scene arrived investigative team Ivankov police Department, 49-year-old man was detained. As material evidence seized crime tool – a fowling piece without documents.

The body of 47-year-old of the deceased sent for forensic examination to establish the cause of death.

On this fact openly criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 115 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (premeditated murder). The police establishes the causes of the conflict. The issue of the announcement of suspicion to the attacker.

In comments to the edition “Facts” the press officer of the police of Kiev region Nikolay Zhukovich told that a dispute between two men was linked to politics.

“And the 49-year-old suspect and the victim both had previously served in the Donbas, both involved in the fighting. The day before they drank together. Then at some point they got into a furious quarrel. The men began to argue about which of the presidents of Ukraine and the Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Zelensky. The quarrel did not abate and after both the veteran boarded the UAZ and went home. One of them was in the back seat. Apparently, when arguments in a dispute is no longer there, the driver slowed down, took a hunting rifle that was in his car, and fired at his opponent. Death was instantaneous,” reported Zhukovich.