Dnieper architects presented projects that will change the appearance of the city by 2028

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In ten years, the Dnieper river can change drastically – sure the local architects who developed the project of the city of the future. The architects proposed to build a 200-meter building, and the streams that run along the boulevards and giant ladder.

Some of these projects are already implemented, but the architects noted that the plans have even more ambitious. “Today” figured out how to transform the city and what new things we should expect in the near future. As it turned out, the project includes the different ideas of the Dnieper architects: some of them are already being implemented, some are under freeze.

“There is my project of 2008 “Brahma” — the 50-storey building, which was to become the largest in Ukraine. The second project, recently designed as part of our stage Filimonov&Kashirina, — apartment house “Katerinoslavskiy”, — told the architect Sergey Filimonov.

The 50-storey building

The complex “Brahma”, as conceived by the architect, consists of different buildings. One of the stages of the project have already managed to implement in the quarter of streets of the European land and Prince Volodymyr the Great. The highest will be 200-meter high building which will be located in the city center near the shopping center “Bridge city” where now there is a temporary low-rise buildings.

“This is a difficult multifunctional design. On the lower floors would be the focus of facilities that perform public functions: offices, commercial facilities and housing. On the third floor will be the platform where you will conduct the escalators. From there opens a view of the Dnieper. The building will connect the lintels and transitions. However, the project has yet not radically, but to review,” commented the architect of your ideas.


Now the builders are building the 19-story building at the intersection of streets Shevchenko and South façade of granite and glass. The complex opening is scheduled for next year.

“There will be six floors of public functions. The residential floors will be higher. In the building there is a box on the 14th floor-still there up to six meters is the glass facade system. The overall height of buildings to 70 metres. The austere facade, created in the style of Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard, is made of granite. Next year the complex will be run and to begin construction of Ekaterinoslavsky Boulevard No. 2”, — said the author of the project of Natalia Kashirina.


But on South street, the architects want to locate one of the favorite places of the townspeople. On the Boulevard will be the first in Ukraine the stream of sculpture that will surely attract connoisseurs of photography and multimedia entertainment lighting.

“It is now a common trend in Europe. We implement it in the river. At the moment we are working on the ability to install the projectors that create the animation on the earth’s surface. When a person passes by, his shadow begins to glow in a different color or from a person starting to fly some stars. A project plan to begin around may of next year”, – said Natalia Kashirina.


Among the ideas is the project of reconstruction of the territory near the circus. Since this place is a transit area between the city centre and the promenade, where every day there are thousands of citizens, the architects developed a really impressive project. He is a giant staircase with the division into different levels: on the ground floor of the club and karaoke on the first floor there is a café and a children’s room, on the roof — seasonal bar with kitchen elements. On the steps also appear green spaces.

“Here we find additional places of entertainment and rest: the observation deck on the roof of the restaurant, a mini-stage for small events, a multipurpose recreational area in the square, which can be used as a venue for street fairs, festivals, recreation areas, photoplasma, fountain, sculpture, Playground, Playground for parkour. Negotiations with the artists about the possibility of holding mini-performances on the roof, creating a symbiosis between the entertainment complex and circus” — told in the Studio Filimonov & Kashirina.

The construction is expected to begin next spring.

Earlier, we wrote about the fact that under the Dnieper erect kindergartens in the form of a honeycomb, which will illuminate the energy of the sun. It was also reported that half of schools and kindergartens in the city of Kamianske Dnipropetrovsk region demanded to close.

The survey

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