The researchers are awaiting the conclusion of anthropologist

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In the river must have found the grave of a famous local industrialist, historian and archaeologist-Amateur Alexander Field (1832-1890). About it reports local TV station D1.

The search for the burial place of the Field conducted from may this year on the territory of Sevastopolsky Park. It is known that Paul was buried near the Church Lazarevskoe cemetery at Sebastopol, however, after the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, the Church was demolished, and the site of the cemetery broke Park.

At the end of July the participants of the archeological expedition discovered the Foundation of the former Church is a crypt with the remains of a man aged about 60 years (Paul died on 58-m to year of life) and women aged 80 (his wife died at 74).

An expedition member, senior researcher at Dnipropetrovsk national University named after Vladimir was Goncala of Shalobudov noted that the male skeleton was found fits the description Field. In particular, he pointed out that the occipital part of the skull tapers to front – Paul’s face also was narrow. At the same time, Shalobudov said that the final conclusion to do before – now researchers are awaiting the results of the anthropological examination, which should confirm the identity of the remains.

If confirmed that the tomb was found buried Paul and his wife, their remains intend solemnly reburied, and the old burial place to cover the dome.

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Paul – known Ekaterinoslav (name of Kiev of the Russian Empire) entrepreneur, ethnographer and archaeologist-Amateur, the first honorary citizen of Ekaterinoslav; in the Russian Empire it was called “little Columbus”. Gathered a vast collection of antiquities, most of which were items related to the history of Zaporizhzhya Sich.