The offender faces up to six months of arrest

Not everyone wants to serve in the army. Photo:

In the Lviv region will judge the man for evading conscription. Already completed pre-trial investigation in respect of a resident of Zolochiv district, who was suspected of committing a criminal offense under part 2 of article 337 (evasion of military service from educational or professional fees).

“It is established that in June of this year, a specified person received a summons for directions in the training sessions, being able to arrive to send, yet did not appear without valid reasons to the district military Commissariat”, – reported in Prosecutor’s office.

Thus, the reservist has avoided the training sessions, in connection with which the offender was notified about suspicion.

The indictment in criminal proceedings sent to the court for consideration. In the case of evidence of guilt, the offender faces up to six months in jail.

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