Large-scale modernization of street lighting in Kiev continues






The mayor of Kiev Vitaly Klitschko inspected the work on the replacement of outdoor lighting networks, on the Boulevard of Friendship of peoples, the press service of Kyiv city state administration on Wednesday evening.

“I am sure there are many skeptics, blame that, say, the city has many more important issues than street lighting. But I don’t agree with it. Quality lighting is, first and foremost, safety on the road. Therefore, on those streets where we carry out major repairs of roads, model and lighting. Also install modern lighting on bridges, in parks, ” said Klitschko.

On the Boulevard of Friendship of Peoples was replaced by led lamps 418. Paved almost 8000 meters of new cables and wires. The cost of major repairs amounted to almost 7 million.

He also said that modern LED lighting this year will be installed at 160 sites. We are talking about city streets, bridges, local area, parks where carry out reconstruction and repairs.

“In the European lighting Kiev allocated from the budget 300 million UAH. The streets of the capital become safer and more comfortable”, – concluded the mayor.

Modern energy efficient lighting saves 30-50% of the budget to paying for electricity annually.

Large-scale modernization of street lighting in Kiev continues.

As reported, in Kiev, will replace the 13 thousand lamps.

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We also wrote that the whole city changed the lighting for rodents.

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