Competition in the RRG opened in April

Photo: Derzhavne Bureau Rossman / Facebook

During a polygraph examination of candidates for positions in the State Bureau of investigation (RRG) was discovered by agents of foreign intelligence services. About it published on 7 August an interview with “UKRINFORM” said the team leader conducted the competition in GBR polygraph Tatiana Morozova.

According to her, a priority issue when the polygraph test was “stay in communication undercover in the secret service of another state.” Found “not one person”.

“The polygraph is a huge obstacle for getting the anti-state elements in law enforcement agencies. Interestingly, such people often are correctly picked up – apparently they were eligible for social activists: no scandals, no cars bought with the money her grandmother, who was busy all his life in the garden,” said Morozov.

She gave the example of a man who was identified with the help of a lie detector.

“People in 2014, retired from law enforcement and went to the occupied territory, where he was a year and a half, a year and a half he returned to Ukraine, was engaged in private legal practice and suddenly decided to devote himself to the service of the newly launched law enforcement Agency. With the polygraph we found out what he was doing on this occupied territory, as it turned out – not agriculture,” said the examiner.

The man was walking in the RRG “mission specific,” she said.

“Technically, he falls into the preferential rates for admission to the service, because the last years have not worked in law enforcement, he has experience, he has a law degree. But at the time when his former colleagues in arms defended Ukraine’s independence, he resigned from the authorities, get the weekend off payments, pension, and went to the area and worked there in the so-called state agencies self-proclaimed Republic”, – said Morozov.

The law on the state Bureau of investigation was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 2 November 2015 and is part of the so-called package of a visa-free laws. The President signed it in January 2016, and March 1, the document came into force.

In November of 2017 was elected to the leadership of the RRG.

In April 2018 has opened the competition for the 700 posts in the Department. Their nominations were submitted by 5 thousand people.

RRG plans to start work in September 2018.

In August, the Trumpet reported that 75 determined the winners of the investigators of the RRG.

Only the investigators of the state Bureau have the authority to investigate crimes committed by former presidents, senior government officials, members of the Central election Commission, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada, the leadership of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, head of the National Bank, judges, law enforcement officers, officials of anti-corruption bodies.