According to the prosecution, Elena was not trying to save the life of the player.

Romanian emergency doctor Elena Duta sentenced to fifteen years in prison in the case of the death of Dinamo Bucharest midfielder Patrick Ikenga, according to Reuters.

Ekeng died in may 2016. 26-year-old player during a match of the championship Romania lost consciousness and died in hospital due to heart problems.

Elena Duta worked on the ambulance, which brought the player to the hospital. According to the prosecution, she did not try to revive the player.

In addition to imprisonment, the doctor prescribed 60 days of community service and ordered to pay a fine of 200 thousand euros.

Acing twice played for the national team of Cameroon in the African Cup of Nations 2015. Competed in Le Mans (France), Rodez (France), Lausanne-Sports (Switzerland), Cordoba (Spain) and Dinamo Bucharest.

According to the materials: