Odessa complain about the dominance of the stalls, and officials say clean the out of law


Shopping stalls. The Kiosks sell Newspapers, tobacco products, snacks and Shawarma. Photo: P. Mordynsky

Odessa holds a course on “deratizacija” streets — reducing the number of small architectural forms, which are engaged in trade. Citizens complain about the dominance of the kiosks, while those in power say they continue to demolish illegal commercial structures.

Residents of South Palmyra are complaining that the outlets block the passage of a refrigerator, and sometimes exude unpleasant odors and attract antisocial visitors. Officials claim that since the beginning of the year already demolished 580 temporary structures and items of street trade placed with violations.

The “legitimate” Kiosks brought the city Treasury more than 19 million UAH (it is only 0.2% of the city budget for 2018. — Ed.). This figure came as a surprise to the mayor, she is just on 1 million UAH exceeds the income for the same period last year, while previously the increase was about 5 million UAH. Profile management explains this limitation on the number of temporary trade zones.

“The actual number of temporary structures as a result of implementation of a comprehensive scheme of accommodation gradually decreases. We are waiting for reduction of receipts in the budget. If we want to see the city clean and beautiful, you need to understand that there will be any income ceiling”, — said the head of the municipal office of consumer market development and protection of the rights of consumers Sergey Malyanov.

But after analyzing the cost of renting retail space, officials, apparently, thinking about her possible promotion.

“We tried to analyse pricing in other cities, the official response was received only from the city where the rent per square meter is 72 UAH. Interpretation of the information that we were able to get it in Kiev from 385 to 800 UAH in the Dnieper — 90 UAH, we have from 30 to 35 UAH”, — said Masanov, stressing that the city still operating rates 2011-2012.

Meanwhile, the Odessa merchants had previously assured the “Today” that pay and up to 1000 UAH per square meter.

According to experts, most of the money from the lease does not reach the budget.

“The decision to reduce the number of Mafs will only reduce the offer on the market for sublease. If MAF is less the rent for them will be even higher, will rise accordingly and the prices of products in them, told us economist Edward Karajia. There is one easy solution is to ban sub-lease (the lease is already leased property. — Ed.). The owners of the town pay 35-70 UAH per square meter, and entrepreneur take 750”.

As explained by our interviewee, in the case of prohibition of a sublet, the owner of the IAF will be forced to hire people to work, pay their salaries and taxes on those wages, while the current system pushes into the shadow economy.


Architects and urbanists recognize that a certain number of stalls to citizens is necessary, but encouraged to study the needs of the people before opening a particular trade point.

“We need to clearly understand how much we need outlets and what will be sold there. If we put a cute new stall in place booths with bread, we have to leave the sale of bread, not to add the sale of cigarettes, SIM cards and the tire, — told the “Today” architect and activist Marina Smirnova. — Must have a clear understanding of needs: the need to conduct research surveys”.

According to our interlocutor, the trend is to create mini-markets, Kiosks in residential areas of the city in need of rethinking, based on the needs of local residents: “If doing shopping arcades all along the street, they should be covered with a fitted inputs and outputs, public toilet and other amenities.”

We will remind, in Odessa will check all the selling points of street food in accordance with sanitary norms. The reason for the test was the mass poisoning Shawarma.

We also wrote that in Kiev near “Chernigovskaya” demolished the stalls.

The survey

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