All of them are in critical but stable condition

AFP photo

In one of the centres that care for babies new York woman went on a rampage which injured five people.

As reported by NBC, among the victims three infants from 3 days to one month. Two children were stabbed in the stomach, and the 20-day girl – lacerations of the ear, chin and lips. All of them are in critical but stable condition.

Also injured the father of one of the babies who are at this time in the kindergarten, and an employee of the center. The woman was stabbed in the chest eight times.

Police found 52-year-old intruder on the ground floor with a slit wrist. According to police, the woman inflicted the wound herself. She had already regained consciousness and to be detained in hospital.


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It is reported that the stabbing began with an attack on an adult woman then intervened 31-year-old man was wounded in the leg. Then began the attack on children. At this moment indoors there were nine kids. Whether a man is the father of one of the affected infants is unknown.