For the last 17 years Topaller worked on the channel RTVI

Photo: Victor Topaller / Facebook

Died on January 10 journalist, Director, TV and radio presenter Victor Topaller. About his son Alex announced in Facebook.

“Dad went peacefully after months of fighting lung cancer. Lightning in my life, dad left rapidly, in just a few months before his 60th birthday. Left bright, honest, uncompromising, responsible, vulnerable… and most importantly – very talented and energetic”, – he wrote.

Сегодня, в среду, 1/10/2018 не стало моего отца Виктора Топаллера / Victor Topaller. Папа ушёл мирно после нескольких…

Posted by Alex Topaller on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

International Russian television channel RTVI, which Topaller worked the last 17 years, said that the journalist died in new York.

“Over the years, his broadcast was visited by more than 700 prominent, interesting people: actors, Directors, writers, musicians, and politicians. The topaller knew far beyond the United States. Each release of its programs waited in various cities and countries – everywhere where speak Russian. He was able to “uncover” any guest could laugh and joke as no one was able to live a full and colourful life”, – stated in the message.

Topaller moved to the United States in 2000, he received a residence permit for excellence in journalism. Before that, the journalist has lived and worked in Russia, Israel and Belgium.

On RTVI Topaller led program “Point of view”, “Crossroads”, “American educational program”, “In new York with Victor Topaller”, “fireplace with Topaller”. He was dismissed in the fall of 2017.