In network “lit up” the unique Russian drone with bombs

The drone can carry two precision munition

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The frames on which, according to experts, captured flight testing Russian unmanned aerial vehicle “Orion”, has hit the Internet. “Orion”, which is developed on the instructions of the Ministry of defense on “the Pacer”, doing test flights for several years. In 2017, the apparatus was shown at MAKS and “Army”. Until now, the drone was positioned as a heavy reconnaissance vehicle long duration flight. But the photographs, which emerged online, shows that drone under the fuselage carries two small bombs.

This means that a drone weighing one ton of intelligence ready to turn into a reconnaissance and strike. And that’s good, because until the Russian army, unlike, for example, from the US army, Israel or China, these devices are not.

“MK” wrote about the prospects for the emergence in Russia of shock drones, which are capable of solving the most dangerous task on destruction of the enemy, to reduce the risks of losses among the aircrew. And now there’s a photodocumentary evidence of ongoing development. However, a few hours later the content became unavailable. The quality of the image, which probably was made during test flights, very good. Carries tail number “01” and the words “Orion”. On fotovac not like. Clearly visible hanging from ammunition, with characteristic guided bombs plumage. Date of photo is not specified. “MK” has no confirmation of the authenticity of the picture from the company-developer.

Judging by the “lighted” HR, Orion is able to carry under the fuselage, two small bombs. According to the developer, the wingspan “Orion-e” is 16 meters. Its length is 8 meters. Max payload — 200 kg. the Drone flies at speeds of 120-200 km/h. Can climb to a height of 7500 meters. Able to work in the air without landing 24 hours, at ranges of up to 300 km.

To identify the photo used bombs is not possible. One can only assume that the bomb load “Orion” or “Pacer” could obtain products developed by OKB “Aviaavtomatika” from Kursk. At last year’s forum “Army-2017”, this company introduced a whole set of guided bombs. Precision-guided munitions weighing from 15 kg to 100 kg specially designed for use with unmanned aerial vehicles. According to unconfirmed reports, 25-pound bombs have been dropped from drones.

“Smart” bombs equipped with inertial guidance system coupled with the guidance of the GPS signals. Used also laser and TV guidance system. Some examples of “planning” bombs capable of after the cutaway to make Autonomous controlled flight at a distance of 100 km.

In addition to “Orion”, Russia the Kazan firm creates even more heavy UAV “Altair” or “Altius” weighing 4-5 tons. It is believed that this drone after completion of all tests, which, according to some, are not without problems, will be able to carry larger ammunition.

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