The recently installed figure of the “Zebra” tried to dismantle the unknown

Photo: Local news

In Melitopol the Zaporozhye area unknown vandals tried to break dummies, recently installed near one of the most problematic passages of the city to attract the attention of drivers and pedestrians.

As reported by “Local news”, bright shapes that glow in the dark, tried to break out of the track on which they are pinned – tiles around fixing destroyed, and the next visible concrete baby. The first attempt of the vandals failed to Melitopol “students” remained in place.

It is worth noting that a few days after installing unusual “road signs” near them loved to be photographed the citizens and guests of the city, and in social networks there are many photographs of children, taken near the original mannequins.

Also this innovation was actively discussed in local Internet sites, the most frequently expressed concern that the sculpture will become the victims of vandals.