The victim was driving to work and was sitting in the cab of the bus with the driver


On the evening of 27 January in Kiev in the city bus No. 32 while driving a man died. This was announced witness-the passenger. The incident occurred around 19:30 near the intersection of Vyshgorod and Moscicki.

The deceased was a driver of the same fleet, EN route to work. He was in the cab of the bus with the driver.

“While driving the bus driver suddenly a loud knock on the cabin door and called the salon the woman conductor. By staying at the bus stop “Ul. Mostecka”, the driver and several bus passengers were taken out of the cab man looks about 55-60, laid on the bench stop. The driver immediately called an ambulance. Prior to her arrival, one of the passengers, a young guy tried to show MEDPOL, the passengers stopped by the police,” said an eyewitness.

The ambulance arrived after 5-7 minutes, after manipulating the doctors pronounced him dead.