In Kiev in the Park Tampere in the eyes of 14-year-old girl was raped by her 38-year-old mother, threatening her with a knife. The incident happened late in the evening of 5 September.

About it reports “Informant”. The police arrested the offender in hot pursuit. (To see the video, progralti to the end of the screen)

A woman with her friends was waiting for 14-year-old daughter with part-time work in one of the cafes of Kiev. The company was resting in the Park. At this time, they heard a cry for help. The man, brandishing a knife, attacked one of the men in the company. Then he grabbed her hair 38-year-old woman, dragged her behind a tree and forced to have sex, raped in different ways.

Have novostiworld that the Messiah: a BlaBlaCar driver raped a passenger in Cherkasy

At this time, the witnesses tried to prevent happening, but the rapist drove them away with a knife. Police detained the assailant after he fled the scene of an emergency.

The injured woman is the mother of many children, she is raising five children.

The suspect in the rape

The informant

The victim

The informant

As reported by OBOZREVATEL earlier in the Kiev region drunk raped 15-year-old girl

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